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Co-Owner of VaVia Lowcountry

Greg Westfall

Greg Westfall is the Co-Owner of VaVia Lowcountry. He oversees the overall management of the business, focusing on sales and growth.

Greg earned his Bachelor’s from Vanderbilt University and his MBA from Belmont University. He then worked for almost 30 years in the corporate world for a large multinational company. There he learned how to build and grow a business and most importantly, how to take care of customers.

After Covid, Greg realized he wanted a career and lifestyle change that allowed him to stay in the Lowcountry and not live on planes or in hotels. He learned of VaVia and quickly realized this would be a great opportunity. He loves the challenge of building a business from the ground up and interacting each day with his customers.

Greg grew up in Nashville, TN but currently lives in Hilton Head Island, SC with his wife and dog. When he is not growing his VaVia franchise, you might find him surfing, taking romantic walks on the beach, or at Fight Club (but he can’t talk about that).

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