Fall Cleanup! 5 Tips on Preparing Your Yard for Winter

November 10 | by Greg Westfall


It's fall cleanup time of the year! Everyone wants their yard to be the envy of all their neighbours. But unless you’re going to hire a landscaping company, it does require a bit of work to keep it in good shape. From regular weed removal to a thorough rake job, there are lots of ways to keep your front and back yards looking tidy. 

Check out our fall cleanup tips, so you can achieve an outdoor space that really is the talk of the town!

1) Prep your garden for winter

The autumn months are the perfect time to clean out your garden beds for winter. If you have perennials, you must prepare them for the cold. Otherwise, they may not grow back next year. Cut off dead foliage a few inches from the ground, and consider covering up the roots. Annuals, on the other hand, should be entirely dug out. Old plants can become a breeding ground for fungus, pests and disease. 

Once everything has been cut back or dug out, you could have it hauled away with the rest of your gardening materials. But did you know old plants can act as an organic compound? Bury them elsewhere on your lawn to improve your soil’s overall health. 

2) As part of fall cleanup, rake and compost the leaves

Leaves can suffocate your lawn if left there all winter long; you could see brown grass instead of regrowth in the spring. Although you could bag them all up, leaves can be left on garden beds as compost. They can also protect perennials from frost.

3) Pull out invasive weeds

Give your lawn a headstart for the summer by removing weeds that may have taken hold during the summer. Aside from dandelions, be on the lookout for crabgrass which can also spread quickly. Unlike dead plants, invasive weeds can still thrive in a compost heap. So put them aside in an enclosed bag, until you can get rid of them completely. 

4) Prune trees and hedges

Dead limbs and overgrown branches aren’t only unsightly, but they can also damage things nearby during stormy winter weather. This fall, prune your trees and trim the hedges. But don’t do it too late in the season, or else the cuts won’t have enough time to heal before cold temperatures set in. Cutting back dead branches can be done anytime of year, since no living tissue will be affected. 

5) To complete fall cleanup, don’t let yard waste sit out all season

A successful fall cleanup means efficient removal of all that landscape debris. Never let yard waste sit out for too long, as it can rot quickly and also harbor insects. One of the best ways to accumulate leaves, branches and other materials is by renting a dumpster. A container is the safest place to trash yard waste until it’s ready to be hauled away. It’s also perfect for bulkier materials, such as tree limbs and dead branches. 

Many homeowners will also use the autumn months to clean out their garage, or get rid of unwanted belongings in the home. Consider maximizing your dumpster rental by using it for other projects. After all, VaVia’s 10 and 15-yard containers are the best companion for fall initiatives around the house!

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