How to Convert a Spare Room Into a Gorgeous Office

January 13 | by Greg Westfall


It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we live day-to-day. And unless you’re an essential worker, chances are you’ve probably been working from home. So it’s not uncommon in today’s world to be just a few steps from ‘the office’. Whether you help manage a large corporation or run a small family business, a comfortable working space is crucial to get the job done. 

Don’t have a home office yet? No problem. If you have a spare room, here are some easy ways to convert that area into a more productive place!

Pick the space...any space!

To get started on your DIY home office, start out by looking for unused areas in your home. If you don’t have a den or spare bedroom, don’t worry. Try thinking out of the box. A walk-in closet or the attic, for example, can all be converted into a home office. You may even find that a small corner in the basement is the quietest part of the home, thus perfect for those long working days. 

Although an airy room with lots of space (for an executive desk, bookshelf and sitting area!) would be the dream -- all you really need to squeeze in there is a table and chair. 

Design it for your needs

If you work long hours, you’ll likely spend lots of time in your home office. But don’t assume that a comfortable setting can only be achieved within a large, open space. A high-quality chair and some ergonomic accessories can ensure your body is relaxed throughout the day. Invest in a good office chair that supports your back comfortably. It’s a bad sign if you must constantly strain and adjust. 

Maintaining productivity will also be priority in this DIY space. So if you’re someone who struggles to stay focused, opt for clean lines and minimal decor that will keep your brain calm and uncluttered. A minimalist approach will help you stay on task, no matter how busy things may get. 

Ensure good lighting

Even if your home office has a big window, it’s essential to have some other lighting. Whether you’re using a floor lamp or ceiling fixture, the key is to ensure ample lighting around the immediate working area. Experiment with various bulbs to see which hues are easiest on the eyes. If your office doesn’t have a window, a whiter light can mimic the sun’s rays. Meanwhile, an amber glow can create a more soothing vibe. 

Allow for storage space

Even though many businesses have gone fully digital, some storage space is still necessary for all those things you just can’t throw away. Long gone are the days though of bulky filing cabinets and piled up shoe boxes. Look for sleek bookcases, floating shelves and overhead storage spaces instead. They’ll allow you to store items vertically, so you can keep clutter off the floors.  

Add your personal flair

Who says your home office needs to be all work, and no fun? You’ll enjoy this space a lot more if it contains hints of what is uniquely you. So feel free to hang a piece of artwork you created, or dress things up with an accent wall in your favorite hue. Even a simple family photo or treasured keepsake from your travels can be enough to personalize this newfound space. 

Work from home with help from VaVia

Whether you’re rearranging the spare bedroom or a cozy attic for this DIY space, chances are you’ll have to clear out some extra stuff. VaVia’s compact containers can provide a safe place to accumulate all that junk before it gets hauled away. Our bins are equipped to handle everything from old furniture to renovation materials. So this year, get productive and rely on VaVia to create that home office of your dreams! 
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