Neighborhood Clean-up – Using a Dumpster to Bring Your Community Together

April 10 | by Jamey Vick

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At VaVia we believe deeply in the power of community. With all the recent challenges there is nothing like working together to foster strength and a sense of well being. Who would have thought that waste disposal could help do this.. but surprisingly it can, and it has!

Many people have been decluttering and cleaning-up their own homes and yards but to make the experience even more affordable and more fun, some have chosen to rent a community dumpster.

There are a ton of benefits:

Whether you are looking for help with decluttering your home, with cleaning up your community or with bringing members of your community together, a community dumpster can be a great and affordable solution. At Vavia, we believe that working together is one of the best ways to remain strong and connected. To learn more about how a community dumpster could work for you, contact us today