Practicing Minimalism Teaches Being More With Less: 8 simple ways to lead a minimalistic lifestyle

July 25 | by Greg Westfall

How to practice minimalism?

Why practice minimalism? In a world that places such high importance on wealth and material goods, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and re-discover what really matters. But a minimalist lifestyle is certainly an enviable one. It can give you more energy to focus on your hobbies, health and even relationships.

The first step on this journey, though, involves clearing out the possessions that bring you down. Once you do this, you’ll feel emotionally lighter and find yourself in sudden clarity. So here are some simple ways to practice minimalism each day. Discover how to make room in your heart to finally live your life the way it was intended. 

1) Get rid of your junk

There is truth in the saying that your possessions will become you. Drowning in things that bring no value can slowly chip away at your quality of life. So get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

From meaningless knick-knacks to clothes that no longer fit, stop waiting for the day when you might need these things. You can pretty much guarantee that ‘day’ won’t come. Take a good look at your belongings individually, and ask yourself if this item brings you happiness. If the answer is ‘no’ or you feel indifferent, then it’s time to let it go. Decluttering is the first step in acquiring a truly minimalist lifestyle.

2) Show discipline when shopping

Impulse buying is often the reason behind this mass accumulation of belongings. So next time you’re shopping, ask if you truly do need that item you’re holding. Sometimes it’s easy to convince yourself that you really do. In this case, put the item down and step away for 10 minutes. You may find you’ve forgotten about it while browsing another aisle. Or, you could come back and find the impulse to buy is completely gone. 

3) Repair broken belongings

Being handy isn’t just a good skill set, it’s also the key to maintaining a long-term minimalist lifestyle. When something breaks down, learn to fix it instead of buying new. Not only will this small action help you save money, but it will also boost your self-confidence.

4) Invest in high-quality goods

Minimalist living means surrounding yourself with quality, not quantity. From clothing to housewares, gather your resources to purchase a well-made product...the first time around. High-quality shoes that fit you well will bring so much more happiness than buying a cheap pair you’ll have to replace next season. 

And remember, ‘quality’ doesn’t always mean ‘most expensive’. It’s more so about spending the time to carefully procure high-quality possessions, as opposed to buying pricey things when the impulse strikes. 

5) Check your calendar

Minimalism doesn’t isn’t just about dumping meaningless goods. It also means not engaging in meaningless interactions. This includes lunch dates with those ‘friends’ you should’ve ditched a long time ago, or networking events with people who don’t inspire you.

Be more conscious about the way you spend your time. Think of the activities that bring you the most pleasure. Whether you enjoy crochet, colouring or long walks on the beach -- cancel all the other meaningless encounters to make time for these things in your calendar.  

6) Understand you don’t have to get rid of everything

A common misconception about minimalism is that you need to live like a monk. Rather, it’s about identifying the things you love, then making the space to accommodate them. The only effective way to make space is to get rid of only the items (and relationships) that no longer bring joy. 

If you love books, then there’s no need to throw out your books! Reading is what you love, so why disrupt that? But if you have boxes full of old yarn (yet you give up knitting years ago), then that’s what needs to go.

Remember, a ‘minimalist home’ doesn’t look the same for everyone. Just make sure the goal is always to surround yourself with the people and things that bring out the best in you. 

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