Interior of a self storage unit in a warehouse filled to the brim with belongings and junk

Are You Paying Too Much for a Storage Unit? | Reserve Your Dumpster Storage


If you are worried that you are paying too much for a storage unit, the answer is probably yes. The national average price for a storage unit is $89.12, which adds up to an annual cost of $1069.44. You might be paying more than this depending on your location, the size of the unit, or whether it is climate controlled. Storage units are a helpful temporary solution if your family is  moving or undergoing renovations, but they are far too costly for long-term storage. Have you been through your storage unit and your home recently? Do you still need your unit? Now is a great time to clean out your storage unit and save money, so call VaVia to reserve your dumpster and get started. 

Getting Started with Your Cleanout 

  • Evaluate Usage–If you have items in your unit or home that have not been used in the past six months to a year, those items may be worthwhile to throw away. A closet full of clothes is not necessary if you are only wearing a ¼ of them. Another common error is holding onto clothes that no longer fit in hopes of being that size again. Letting go of the clothing will free up your space, and you can purchase new clothes later if you lose weight.
  • Get Creative with Memories–Although there may be some nostalgic items that are not used often, there may be creative ways to save the memory without the clutter. For example, if you have an entire closet full of family photos in boxes, you could consider scanning the photos and saving them in a digital format instead. When saved properly, they will be preserved and your storage space will be alleviated. If you have lots of old baby clothes or t-shirts that are sentimental, consider having them made into a memory blanket. Not only will this save space, but you will have a practical use for your items instead. 
  • Use your Storage Spaces Effectively–Although you may have to invest in some new storage boxes or storage solutions, maximizing your storage could alleviate space for the items you want to keep. Even hiring a professional organizer makes better fiscal sense than paying over $1000 per year for an unnecessary storage unit. 

How We Can Help

We provide 10 and 15-yard dumpsters, which are an ideal size for tight spaces and smaller cleanout projects. Our team can bring the dumpster to your storage unit or your home, so you have a convenient disposal solution. You can place almost anything in the dumpster that is not hazardous or liquid. Once you have loaded up your junk and trash, we can pick it up and dispose of it safe