Tough Love: A Guide to Throwing Out Your Child’s Old Belongings

July 25 | by Jamey Vick


Give them everything…especially toys…they pile up and ends up being just clutter…problem
is, there’s still emotional attachment for them…

As parents, our natural instinct is to do whatever we can to support our children’s development and make them as happy as possible. Often, that means providing a continuous stream new toys to support their evolving play.
Unfortunately, when these toys are added up with the what they get from others for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions, the result is overflowing bedrooms, basements, closets and play areas. In other words, clutter. Clearing out these old toys is a necessity. Not only will it help keep your home tidy, it also makes room for all of the new things they’re soon acquire.

Unfortunately, while they may have outgrown the toys themselves, their emotional attachment to them may remain. So, where we see clutter, they may see nothing but fond memories. Obviously, this can turn a simple decluttering process into a scary and emotionally overwhelming experience. To help you, and them, get through the process, here are some valuable tips on how to use a little tough love while also teaching a few life lessons along the way.

Removing the clutter that develops over time from unused toys is a great way to free up extra space in your home and
to make it that much more enjoyable for your whole family. Unfortunately, the process can sometimes be a difficult
and emotional one. However, with a little tough love in the form of some planning and some open and honest
communication, you might actually be able to turn it into a   positive, learning experience for you and
your child.

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