Transforming Your Garage Into the Ultimate Entertainment Hang-Out

May 10 | by Greg Westfall

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If your home garage is like most, you’re probably using it to store your car along with gardening tools and maybe some old bikes. But these days, many people are converting these spaces into something entirely different. From man caves to she-sheds, the garage has become a place to escape from the chaos of family life. 

Bar stools, speaker systems and comfy couches are just some of the things that can be found in today’s modern garage. If you want to convert your traditional garage into the ultimate entertainment hang-out, read on to discover how you can pull off this successful transformation. 

Make sure your garage is suitable for electronics

No relaxation den is complete with a TV or entertainment system. But extreme weather and electronics don’t mix. In the southern states, scorching temperatures are pretty normal. this can result in, not only melted wires, but also damaged entertainment systems. Rainy climates, on the other hand, can create excess moisture. To avoid this, make sure your garage is well-insulated and that temperatures can be regulated. Save time, money and headaches by making sure your space is suitable beforehand.   

Clear out the junk

From broken power tools to children’s toys, the family garage can become a dumping ground for unwanted stuff. Create space for your garage transformation by getting rid of useless items. Consider donating old books, clothing and even sports gear before tossing them in the trash.

To get rid of larger items, like appliances and furniture, a dumpster rental is more effective. For homeowners, a 15-yard bin is good enough for personal projects. Simply load up your container and have it hauled away once filled to capacity. 

See where you can save space

Unless you’ve got a billionaire’s garage, chances are your space is quite limited. Even a larger 2-door garage can feel cramped for room. But the trick to maximizing square footage is to keep as much stuff off the ground as possible.

TVs and speaker systems should be mounted to the wall or could hang from the ceiling instead. And if you want to put in a couch, opt for slimmer models. Huge sectionals or recliners are super comfortable, but will eat into valuable space.

Determine what type of seating is best

If you can’t decide between bar stools or a 3-seater, think about what your garage hang-out will be primarily used for. If you plan on hosting friends for weekend movie nights, then a good-sized couch with a cozy loveseat is probably best. If you just want a quiet space to listen to music while woodworking, then a few tasteful chairs might be better. As mentioned earlier, always opt for smaller furniture -- unless you have room to spare. Check out stores that carry pieces specially designed for smaller living spaces, like condos. 

Draw up a wiring plan

The difference between an amateur transformation and a professional one is all in the wiring. If there’s any aspect to invest in, it’s definitely in the electrical work. Wires dangling from ceilings or peeking out behind entertainment systems can make your hang-out appear messy. Hire an electrician to determine where your electrical components will go. It’s also helpful to know beforehand which beams and other mechanisms exist behind garage walls. 

Merge style with practicality

A garage hang-out that looks nice is only beneficial if it’s functional at the same time. The key is to create an entertainment space that still offers the flexibility to carry out routine tasks. Although your intention may be to relax for hours on end in your new space, you may still need some storage areas or even a basic kitchen to make the space practical. 

Before installing electrical equipment and dragging in new furniture, make a list of priorities for your new garage. You’ll avoid a lot of reconfiguring if you determine your needs early on. 

Let VaVia help

We can make your garage transformation a bit easier by supporting you in areas that matter. A successful conversion will involve clearing out the junk first. Our team has decades of experience helping homeowners make their dreams a reality with reliable waste solutions.  

Don’t let a pile of debris derail your next project. Simply call to rent one of our 10 or 15-yard containers, and clear out that garage so you can finally realize its full potential.
For more information on dumpster rentals, call VaVia at 1-833-GO-VAVIA or contact us here.