Attention Contractors: Why A Nice-Looking Dumpster is Good for Business

by Greg Westfall


There’s no doubt that dumpster rentals make up a significant portion of the construction industry. From slim 10-yard containers to heavy-duty roll-off bins, dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of projects. One thing many of these bins have in common though is their often unsightly aesthetic. Although contractors may not care for visual appeal, renting a nice-looking dumpster simply makes good business sense.

VaVia is proud to provide the most reliable and affordable waste disposal services in the U.S. southeast. Contractors in Tennessee, Louisiana and Alabama have come to rely on our containers that aren’t just sturdy, but also pleasant to look at. If you’re still not convinced a dumpster’s visual appeal is important, here are some reasons to help change your mind!

1. Nice-looking dumpsters won’t upset the neighbors

Whether you live in bustling downtown Nashville or a quiet subdivision on the outskirts of Birmingham, one thing’s for sure: Nosy neighbors are everywhere. And many of these neighbors like to complain about what they perceive as violations of community standards. An ugly dumpster parked outside a home under reno will not only affect the neighbourhood’s perception of the homeowner -- but also the assigned contractor.

Construction firms can avoid run-ins with even the most discerning neighbours by presenting a work site that appears well-maintained. One of the best ways to cultivate this image is with a container rental from VaVia. Our dumpsters are designed to fit into tight spaces with minimal disruption to the jobsite and the community’s aesthetic.

2. A nice-looking dumpster keeps neighbourhood associations happy

Many neighbourhood associations hold a lot of clout. So much so that they sometimes have influence over the approval of certain construction projects, plus the authority to keep tabs on your worksite. If your project is in a community with a heavy association presence, a nice-looking dumpster will only help build your company’s reputation.

A clean, well-maintained dumpster is key in conveying your team’s meticulous attention to cleanliness and detail. A good-looking container will also make your construction site appear safe, which is of interest to local community groups.

3. It builds homeowner confidence

Professional contractors have the ability to see through all the debris and clutter, whereas homeowners don’t. A messy and chaotic workspace can leave your client feeling overwhelmed. This can translate to a lack of confidence in your team and its abilities. By keeping all construction waste hidden inside a sleek-looking container, your client can better envision the end result. Sure, these aesthetic considerations may not seem important. But it’s these seemingly small details that matter to clients who just want to know their project is in good hands.

4. It shows dedication to eco-conscious waste disposal

An attractive construction site makes all the difference in our increasingly eco-conscious society. When people pass an enormous, beat-up dumpster filled to the brim -- they subconsciously associate it with a company that’s further polluting the environment. One of the most subtle ways to show you’re different is to place one of our sleek 10 or 15-yard containers on your jobsite. You can rely on VaVia to help you get rid of construction debris responsibly and help you foster a positive image of your company.

5. A nice-looking dumpster eliminates stereotypes

Contractors are often associated with words like ‘messy’ and ‘disorganized’. With all the tool-slinging and dirt-digging that happens on the job, it’s no surprise why people would describe contractors in such unflattering terms. A nice-looking dumpster can help eliminate these stereotypes.

Think of your construction site as a marketing opportunity. Each time a neighbour or local business owner passes by, you’re showcasing the way in which your team operates. Surprise people by conveying an image of organization and cleanliness, and you’ll quickly become the contractor everyone wants to hire.

Why choose VaVia for dumpster rental?

Our team has more than 20 years of experience providing dumpster rentals for the construction industry. Contractors have come to appreciate our 10 and 15-yard bins that fit into tight spaces with minimal impact to the overall site. But don’t let the sleekness of these bins fool you. We assure you that VaVia’s containers are built for anything that comes their way.

With easy delivery and pick-up options, our dumpsters are just a phone call away. Differentiate yourself from other contractors by renting a bin that’s not just sturdy, but also built to impress. So rely on VaVia’s expert waste disposal services to help build your reputation and grow your business!
For more information on renting a dumpster for your contracting business, call VaVia at 1-833-GO-VAVIA or contact us here.