Spring Cleanup: Using Dumpster Rental to Clear Out Your Stuff

by Greg Westfall


Many homeowners believe container rentals are for major construction projects, but that’s not true. Ensure spring cleaning is a breeze this season with our helpful pointers on the perfect dumpster rental. 

Spring is the perfect time to sweep, scrub and cast away those winter woes. As the weather warms up, we’re often motivated to freshen up our surroundings. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than a deep clean at the start of the spring season. 

Spring cleaning usually involves getting rid of all your junk. Although smaller household items can go out with the regular trash, that’s difficult if your project turns into something much bigger. Curbside pickup won’t accept things like bulky furniture, electronics and even renovation waste. That’s why dumpster rental is the best way to get rid of things, without having to rely on your municipal waste program.

Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal: Know the Difference

Before getting started, it’s important to first identify your spring cleaning needs. If you want to get rid of a few large, standalone items, then hiring a junk removal service is fine. This option works if you’d like someone to personally remove unwanted goods out of your home. It’s perfect for one-off scenarios involving excess items that can be taken away in a single shot. 

Dumpster rentals are the better choice for spring cleaning initiatives that will take place over several days or weeks. A container allows you to accumulate waste little by little, without any strict time constraints. Simply toss everything into your bin. Once it’s filled to capacity, have it hauled away. This is also a good option for those on a budget. Loading the dumpster yourself will save on labour costs typically associated with junk removal. 

Choose the right size for a dumpster rental

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, but slimmer bins are best for spring cleaning. The last thing any homeowner wants is an enormous container in their driveway. VaVia offers high-quality dumpsters in two convenient sizes perfect for household projects. 

If you’re clearing out the shed, for example, opt for our 10-yard container designed to fit into small spaces. This size can accommodate old tools, yard waste and even broken appliances. For larger projects, a 15-yard bin offers greater flexibility. These larger dumpsters can handle everything from commercial cleanouts to bathroom remodels. If you’re not sure about sizing, ask one of our experts for an assessment. You may assume one size is suitable for your project, but may be surprised to see it’s not big enough. 

Understand what’s allowed in your dumpster

We all know spring cleaning can unearth a ton of unusual stuff. From rare electronics to worthless antiques, all this junk can be seemingly endless. As with municipal trash programs, private dumpster companies also have rules around what’s allowed in their containers. 

Although it’s best to check with your rental firm, here are some items that are usually allowed:

Hazardous waste is never allowed in a dumpster rental, and must be disposed of separately. If you need to get rid of paint, batteries, pesticides or motor oil, speak to your local municipality how to handle these items.

Cheaper isn’t always better

It’s always tempting to go with the cheaper option. But a dumpster rental is one service where you don’t want to cut corners. Sturdy bins and professional staff don’t always come cheap. If you come across a usually low rate, it could mean the company’s team is not well-trained or their dumpsters are of poor quality. If you find a rate that’s too good to be true, chances are it probably is.

Do your due diligence before you commit. Get quotes from various vendors and try to gauge their quality of services. A good company will offer fair prices in line with industry rates. Also, make sure your quote accounts for all costs, including labour charges and extra tonnage fees. 

Choose VaVia for your spring cleaning

At VaVia, we believe renting a dumpster should be easy. That’s why we’ve simplified our process, especially for homeowners trying to conquer household projects. Our team has decades of experience providing waste disposal solutions for both residential and commercial endeavours. 

Let us make spring cleaning easier this season by supporting you in the ways that matter. Focus on getting your home in order, and leave the logistics to us. Cleaning house has never been more enjoyable -- or productive -- with VaVia!

For more information on renting a dumpster for your next spring cleaning, call VaVia at 1-833-GO-VAVIA or contact us here