19 Million Americans are Hoarders: How Renting a Dumpster Can Help

by Overton Thompson


Studies show that compulsive hoarding is a serious disorder that’s only getting worse in the U.S. Hoarding is characterized by excessive collecting and saving behavior. According to the International OCD Foundation, this is a common illness affecting as many as 1 in 20 people. But attempts to help someone with a hoarding disorder declutter may not be well received. That’s because until a person is internally motivated to change, they may not accept your offers to help.

Many people will wonder if compulsive hoarding can be solved by simply ‘cleaning out’ the home. But that approach is ineffective without treating the underlying problem. Hoarders whose homes are cleared out without their permission could become anxious and angry. They may even become further attached to their possessions.

The American Psychiatric Association recommends a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication to effectively treat the disorder. Once your loved one has sought professional help and you’ve received their consent to declutter, you may want to consider renting a dumpster. Here are some ways in which a container may be very helpful for this special situation.

Allows loved one to get rid of possessions at their own pace

Unlike a traditional junk removal service, dumpster rentals will allow your loved one to declutter at a pace that feels right to them. Whether it takes one week or 3 months to fully clean out a home, containers offer flexibility all year-round. Junk removal teams, on the other hand, will pick up unwanted belongings in one shot. This can put negative pressure on the hoarder to get rid of their possessions quickly. Mental health experts note that decluttering is as much an emotional process as a physical one. Because dumpsters are delivered to your property and remain on-site, the clean-up can happen on the hoarder’s terms.

Big enough to handle large quantities of waste

A standard trash bin is not nearly large enough to handle the amount of belongings in a hoarder’s home. Although your municipal garbage program may collect furniture and other large items, this is not an efficient means to get rid of unwanted waste.

A dumpster will offer your loved one the space to clear out his or her possessions without worrying about accumulation issues. VaVia offers 10 and 15-yard containers that are very helpful in these situations. Simply call us once your dumpster is filled and we’ll haul it away. This kind of efficiency allows hoarders and their family members to focus on decluttering, without worrying about the logistics of an already difficult task.

Helps keep waste contained

Dumpsters are an excellent way to keep a hoarder’s possessions well-contained during the clean-out process. Some hoarders may think putting their collected belongings out on the curb is fine. But once the waste starts adding up, this unsightly pile could upset the neighbours. Bin rentals, on the other hand, can keep the waste hidden until it’s taken away.

VaVia is proud to offer some of the most well-maintained dumpsters on the market today. Our bins are small enough to fit on your driveway without being an eyesore -- yet sturdy enough to handle all kinds of debris. If your loved one is particularly worried about appearances during the clean-out process, consider renting a nice-looking dumpster from VaVia instead.

At VaVia, we understand that our services go beyond their practical implications. Our dumpster rentals will not only streamline the logistics of the decluttering process, but also bring peace of mind to a hoarder who’s trying their best to heal. Count on VaVia’s friendly team of waste disposal professionals to help ease this difficult time. And discover for yourself why residents in Tennessee and Alabama rely on VaVia for their most complex projects.

For more information on how our dumpster rentals can help a hoarder declutter, call VaVia at 1-833-GO-VAVIA or contact us here.