6 Tips For Loading Your Dumpster Rental Effectively

by Jamey Vick


Whether it’s time to clear out your basement or tear down your kitchen, a dumpster is one of the best ways to handle all that waste. Loading your dumpster with everything, from old furniture to broken appliances, these heavy-duty containers will take on what most trash collection programs won’t. 

Although you could just pile everything aimlessly, there are ways to load your dumpster efficiently to maximize space. After all, you’ll want to pack as much in to keep your rental costs down. Here are some tips on how to get the most from your bin.

Before loading your dumpster know what’s allowed and what isn’t

The first step is to understand what you’re allowed to load in your dumpster. Construction waste, like drywall, plaster and roofing shingles are all fine. Also allowed are furniture, appliances and outdoor tools. But here’s what’s banned:

Although the above materials aren’t allowed, most dumpster companies will accept almost everything else. If you’re unsure, always ask before tossing it in.

Load up evenly

Containers can become unstable if heavier things are loaded up on one side. The bin can tip over, creating a dangerous situation. Distribute heavier waste materials, such as appliances and old bricks, along the bottom. Then pile the lighter items on top. Although it can be hard to organize materials by weight, this little extra effort can go a long way.

Bag lighter items

Clothing, paper documents and old styrofoam can fly out of your dumpster on a windy day. Lighter materials should be bagged up before throwing them in your container. Throughout your project, keep large garbage bags handy so you can accumulate as you go. Bagging also allows you to free up dumpster space for all that other waste.

Think of a jigsaw puzzle while loading your dumpster

If you’re tossing big pieces like a fridge or sofa, these items will create gaps in your bin. Fill these spaces with smaller items to maximize space. If you have large, flat materials like tiles or wooden boards, lay these along the bottom before piling trash on top. 

Never overfill

Your dumpster must be transported to another location once it’s filled to capacity. So you’ll have to make sure it’s not brimming with items, which can fall out on the way there. A slew of debris hanging out of your container hurt someone. Many companies may refuse to haul an overfilled dumpster. So either re-organize your waste to make everything fit, or consider renting an extra bin. 

Better planning means better results

It’s not that loading up your dumpster is difficult -- it’s that a bit of planning can improve efficiency. Not only will you save yourself time and stress, your efforts may even save you a bit of money. 

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