Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Construction Waste

by Overton Thompson


There’s no doubt America’s construction industry is one of the country’s largest. From home improvement stores to waste disposal firms, a variety of businesses are responsible for fueling this multi-billion dollar sector. So it’s hardly surprising to learn the massive amounts of building-related waste Americans throw out each year. According to the EPA, 569 million tons of construction and demolition (C & D) materials were collected in 2017 alone. That’s more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste.

If you’re tackling a renovation or construction project this year -- consider repurposing your waste materials, instead of contributing more to America’s landfills. Here are some easy ways to give all that debris new life, so you can make a difference for the environment and your community.

1) Reuse materials in other areas of your home

A renovation will often involve tearing out old countertops or replacing a dated vanity. Although some items may not fit the aesthetic of your newly designed room, they might be usable in a different space. For example, repurpose an old door to your master bath for a closet door in the basement bedroom. Dated kitchen cabinetry, on the other hand, can be used as storage units in the laundry. Sinks, faucets and even flooring can also be installed elsewhere if they’re in relatively good shape.

2) Donate old appliances and furniture

Construction waste includes more than just drywall and scrap metal. Many renovation projects will involve clearing out old appliances and excess furniture. These items, however, are in high-demand at many charitable organizations. Instead of tossing everything to the curb, consider donating these goods instead. The Salvation Army has a purchasing program for old appliances, which they’ll then offer to low-income families. Meanwhile, Habitat for Humanity will pick up your old furniture for their home-building initiatives.

3) See what can be recycled

After reusing and donating see what can be recycled. Here are some ways in which common materials can be repurposed:

A lot of renovation waste, aside from hazardous materials, can be recycled effectively. Speak to your municipality or local recycling center to see what they’ll accept.

4) Let the waste disposal professionals handle the rest

Despite your best efforts to reduce waste output, you’ll still be left with a pile of debris that must be thrown out. In this case, let the waste experts handle whatever’s left over. From piles of asphalt to old roofing shingles, a dumpster rental is the safest and most effective way to handle your remaining construction debris.

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