How To Guide: Our Ordering Process

by Jamey Vick

If you’re a homeowner or contractor, you understand the headache that disposing of waste can prove to be. Whether cleaning out your house or completing a renovation project, garbage will definitely be a large part of the process, and having a reliable place to put it is both responsible and a considerable weight off your chest. Unfortunately, many dumpster rental services can be unprofessional, slow, or not able to appropriately handle your job size. Luckily, we founded VaVia to fix all these problems. We’re recognized for our stress-free call-or-click ordering, friendly staff, and solid reputation. Keep reading to learn about our easy, 5-step ordering process:

  1. Call or Click – First, select what you need – we offer two dumpster sizes: 10- or 15-yard. The smaller size is typically used for cleaning out homes or for community projects, while the larger is great for remodeling and bigger, more trash-heavy projects. Whatever one you end up choosing, the order process remains the same. Just call or click to pick your desired location, dumpster size, and delivery date.
  2. Confirm – After the first step is complete, we’ll confirm your order, provide you with billing information, and send a confirmation email with all the terms and details you’ll need.
  3. Remind – The morning of your dumpster drop-off, you’ll get a text reminding you about the rental.
  4. Deliver – At VaVia, we pride ourselves on our priorities of safety, a can-do spirit, and a neighborly, positive atmosphere. When your driver is on the way, you can expect updates, an expected time of arrival, and a carefully delivered product.
  5. Review – After the job is finished, we always love to hear from our customers. You’ll have an opportunity to review both our service and the dumpster delivery driver. 

We are not just a dumpster rental service, we’re a community of people who pride ourselves on our work and ability to provide top-quality services. We provide Dumpster Rentals in TN, TX, NC, SC, GA, and AL. Visit us today at to experience quick, easy, and reliable dumpster services!