Pleasantly Surprised: 6 Dumpster Rental Benefits You Might Not Expect

by Greg Westfall

Dumpster Rental Benefit

The importance of dumpster rental revealed: A reliable contractor and skilled workers are certainly integral to any construction project, but just as important is efficient waste removal. From old flooring to broken appliances, these types of jobs generate a ton of debris. And clearing out all that waste is key to maintaining an orderly worksite. 

One of the best ways to deal with construction waste is to rent a dumpster. VaVia’s sturdy 10 and 15-yard bins are a safe place to accumulate unwanted materials, until they can be safely hauled away. 

Still not convinced? Here are 6 surprising benefits of renting a dumpster!

1) Seamless dumpster rental service

The best thing about booking a container rental is that the waste disposal process is handled from start to finish. Instead of worrying about who will collect your trash, one simple phone call will usually take care of everything. From delivery to pick-up, you can expect a seamless transaction the whole way through -- much easier than dealing with your municipal waste department. And oftentimes, it’s much more economical, too.

2) Property protection with the rights dumpster rental service

Some construction crews will dump waste materials all over their project sites or at the curb. But there’s likely to be some property damage, no matter how careful your workers may be. A designated bin for trash collection is the best way to protect your driveway and workspace. Just load everything up in the dumpster, keeping your job site organized and clean.

3) Increased safety

Roll-off dumpsters and other similar containers usually come with high-quality safety features. From locking mechanisms to pinch-free hinges, a bin rental is the best way to keep both workers and families safe. Waste materials will not only be well-contained, but dangerous items can also be concealed behind a sturdy door. Dumpsters are a good way to keep children and pets away from sharp and heavy debris. 

4) Improved productivity

Driving trash to a dump site can be a time-suck. Not only does the team waste precious working hours, but multiple trips can be costly too. You’ll have to pay for gas, plus extra wages for workers to make those excursions. Increase productivity on your jobsite with the efficiency of a dumpster. 

5) Versatility

From roofing shingles to rotting hardwood, construction projects produce all kinds of waste. A dumpster rental offers convenience by providing versatility. There are many things your municipal waste program won’t accept, which is why a dumpster is perfect for handling unusual debris. Although used paint and electronics aren’t allowed, most companies will take pretty much everything else. Ask your dumpster provider what’s allowed in your bin before tossing. 

6) Peace of mind with dumpster rental

Nothing is more stressful than wondering what to do with all...that...waste. Whether you’re spring cleaning or taking on a kitchen reno, there’s no doubt junk and debris will pile up fast. Have confidence knowing VaVia will dispose of your unwanted materials quickly and safely. With more than 20 years of industry experience, our team has the expertise to handle all your trash -- so you can focus on the things that matter!

For more information on how a dumpster can benefit your next project, contact us here.