6 Ways to Enjoy a Minimalist Christmas

December 10 | by Greg Westfall


It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been quite the year. From our workplaces to all our social interactions, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we live day-to-day. And with the holiday season now fast approaching, there’s no doubt Christmas will look a bit different this year. 

With limited outings and holiday gatherings discouraged, you may be wondering what a minimalist celebration looks like. That’s why we’ve dedicated this post on how to pull off a ‘merry little Christmas’. After all, a simpler approach means less stress...and more room for joy!

1) Be intentional (and specific!)

When it comes to minimalist living, the key is to be intentional in your everyday actions. And this principle can be easily applied to the winter holidays. Without clear intent, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a stress-free season. This means deciding beforehand what you want Christmas to look like this year. So ask yourself:

It’s important to be incredibly specific when answering these kinds of questions. The more specific, the better you’ll be at achieving the Christmas you envision. 

2) Do less

Have you been overwhelmed in previous years with all those ‘Secret Santas’, cookie exchanges and holiday potlucks? If so, then you’ll want to embrace this season’s minimalist ways. Sometimes, family and friends will put expectations on us -- making us feel like we can’t turn them down. But more often than not, we may be placing these expectations on ourselves. 

Use this holiday season to experiment with a different approach. For example, see how Christmas feels without spending tons of money on lavish gifts or baking 5 different types of pies. Are these things worth the cost and psychological stress? You may realize that the holidays can be more meaningful when you remove all the frivolous (and fleeting) extras. 

3) Buy less

Many of us will go on a gift-buying frenzy, even if it creates emotional strain or financial hardship. So how about not doing that this season? Buying less is one of the pillars of minimalist living. We’ve seen time and time again that material goods consistently fail to deliver any long-term satisfaction. So what does provide that sense of security and ongoing joy?  Togetherness with the ones we love. 

This Christmas, try replacing that luxury watch or expensive purse with gifts that are a bit more thoughtful. A good book, for example, may be life-changing for your spouse. Or a high-quality laptop may help your teenager perform better in school. Buying less is not necessarily about cutting gifts out altogether. It’s about choosing items that are useful, meaningful or experiential instead. 

4) Declutter

Who says cleaning house is a springtime activity? Decluttering your surroundings can be incredibly therapeutic, especially around the holidays. And with a brand new year right around the corner, what better time to make way for a clean slate? 

From old furniture to unwearable clothing, there are surely tons of things you can get rid of. Rent a small dumpster for your holiday cleanup. And trash all those useless items that no longer bring you joy, or consider donating them to people in need. You’ll not only free up more space in the home, but also create new pathways within your mind. Clutter can become an emotional burden, so it takes an active effort to climb out of all that ‘stuff’. 

5) Try something new

This is probably a good time to step out of your comfort zone. After all, once you’ve cut out all that excess...you’ll finally have room for more meaningful activities. Embark on new traditions that are better aligned with your newfound values. Instead of doing a cookie exchange with 15 of your friends, set aside some time to bake one special treat with your kids. 

6) Communicate gratitude

This may have been an incredibly tough year for all of us. But it’s important to remember all the wonderful things that have stayed intact. From good health to deep family bonds, there is surely a lot to be thankful for. Although it’s important to acknowledge this within ourselves, try to communicate that gratitude to those you love. Look for opportunities to show appreciation and return kindness, even after the holidays are long over. Doing this will help strengthen ties, providing you with the comfort you need all year-round. 

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